Know How To Reveal Mac Mail Folders Disappeared

Is your Mac mail folders disappeared and you are unable to find it out? Such situation generally occur when your Mac OS get updated, but you don't have to get panic it's solution is there. Read the article given below that will help and guide you how to restore your Mac mail folders disappeared.

Here, are some of the ways about how recover your disappeared Mac mail folders. It can done in three different ways that is

  • By restoring email account setting preferences.

  • By re-indexing mailboxes to recover disappeared Mac mail folders.

  • By using time machine to recover disappeared Mac mail folders.

Recover Mac Mail Folders Disappeared By Using Steps Given Below :-

Software Name


File Size



Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair

36.3 MB


iSkysoft Entourage Repair

1.0 MB


Wondershare Entourage Repair

5.1 MB



Lazesoft Entourage Repair

6.1 MB


Manual Steps To Recover Mac Mail Folders Disappeared

Step 1 :- Restore Email Account By Setting Preferences

After opening your mail, you found that all the folders which was previously associated with the mail account are not showing, but after choosing 'Get Account Info' all the email folders get listed but didn't display in the mailbox. When such condition appear, then you can go to “Preferences” and change the settings. After doing so your mail folders will be restored.

Steps To Restore Email Account By Setting Preferences

  • At first open your mail, and then go to “Mail”on the top bar.

  • Select “Preferences”, a window will pop-up after then choose the second item “Accounts”.

  • Then unchecked the “Enable this account” option and then re-check it.

  • At last just click on to save settings, and turn down this window and go to mail to view whether the problem has being resolved or not.

Step 2 :- Re-indexing Mailboxes To Recover Mac Mail Folders Disappeared

Restore disappeared Mac mail folders can be easily done by re-indexing the mailboxes. In manner to do so you just need to follow the steps which is given below. Discussion is done on forums regarding the disappeared Mac mail folders, visit to gain more info.

Steps To Re-indexing Mailboxes To Recover Disappeared Mac Mail Folders

  • Firstly, go to the menu section and choose “System Preferences”.

  • After then you need to Select “Spotlight”.

  • After doing so it will take you to another interface, where you need to click on the Privacy tab. Then after drag a folder or an entire volume (such as your hard drive) to the list. If it ask for confirmation, just click OK.

  • Next, you remove the item or volume that is added to the list, and then click on the minus (“-”) button on the bottom. Then after close “Spotlight preferences”. The Spotlight will re-index the contents of the folder or volume.

Step 3 :- Restore Disappeared Mac Mail Folders From Time Machine While have Backup

Mostly, all of us are used to backup system by Time Machine. This is one of the effective and simple way to recover the disappeared Mac mail folders, and in case if you have plenty of messages on Mail, you can restore it by using the time machine. Thus, the recovery of disappeared Mac mail folders from time machine can be done manually and its step to recover are given below.


Step To Restore Disappeared Mac Mail Folders By Using Time Machine

  • Firstly, open your time machine disk, and go to the backup of your account's Library folder.

  • Then select your Mail folder and press Command C to copy a reference to it.

  • Go to the library folder in your active user account, and rename the folder called Mail to something like “Mail-old”. Also right click the folder and archive (compress) it as a zip file.

  • After then press shift-option-command-v to paste the previously copied folder exactly as it is, and give permissions to all.

Automatic Recovery Software To Recover Disappeared Mac Mail Folders

Best And Effective Free Software To Recover Disappeared Mac Mail Folders

Lazesoft Entourage Repair Software :-

Lazesoft Entourage Repair Software is one of the best and effective trial version software that is designed especially for Mac OS to recover the disappeared Mac mail folders. However, this software is very much safe, secure, speedy and powerful with having the advanced technology inbuilt with it. Thus, problem like mail folders disappeared and other similar related can easily be resolved by the use of this software.

Key Features Of Lazesoft Entourage Repair Software :-

  • Easily recovers disappeared items of Mac mail folders.

  • Also facilitates recovery from partitioned or formatted disk drives.

  • Recovers all the items of Mac mail folders without having any loss.

  • It supports preview of Mac mail folders before recovery processor.

Pros & Cons Of Lazesoft Entourage Repair Software :-

Pros :-

  • Enable Quick accessing.

  • It has user friendly interface.

  • It is easy to use and install.

Cons :-

  • The trial version has limited features.

  • It can facilitates only scan and preview of lost data.

Lazesoft Entourage Repair Software User Guide :-

  • It will open a Wizard that provide you with Mac Entourage Repair Software Module. It will present with different recovery Mode options as Fast Scan, Deep Scan, Un-delete, Un-format. Using this option you can recover the lost data and files.


  • Lastly select a Dir to save your recovered files and data.


Few Recommended Software Used By Third Parties :-

Rank 1st- Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software :-

Stellar is one of the comprehensive and proficient email recovery software that is designed specially for Mac OS. By the use of this software you can easily and simply restore all your Mac mail folders that get disappeared either by accidental deletion or due to mail crash. It is very safe and secure for the recovery of lost, deleted or disappeared emails from your MS Outlook data (PST) files and Outlook Express data (DBX) files.

Efficient Features Of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software :-

  • It searches for DBX and PST files for recovery.

  • It is safe and risk free for email recovery.

  • Display preview of the deleted or disappeared Emails.

  • It can support all version of Mac OS.

  • It maintains and saves recovery log.

  • Also capable to recovers Emails from Multiple DBX files.

Pros & Cons Of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software :-

Pros :-

  • 100 % safe and secure for recovery of disappeared Mac mail folders .

  • Ability to recover different format of the mail files.

  • Also repair ZIP files folders up to 1.5 GB in size.

Cons :-

  • It is very expensive software.

User Guide Of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software

It is very simple and easy to repairs and recovers disappeared email folders in Mac OS. Just follow the steps given below to recover disappear email folders.

  • Step 2 :- After installation click to find out the disappear email folders and click on to start the recovery process.

  • Step 3 :- It will start the scanning process and wait till it finishes scanning.

  • Step 4 :- In this step it will display a log report of all the recoverable files items.

  • Step 5 :- Display the preview of recoverable data items.

  • Step 6 :- In this step it will save all the recoverable files to the desired location.

  • Step 7 :- All the recoverable and disappeared email files has saved successfully.

Rank 2nd- iSkysoft Entourage Repair Software :-

iSkysoft is yet another powerful and efficient software in manner to recover the disappeared mail folders from Mac OS. However, this email recovery software not only help you to retrieve your deleted or disappeared emails, but it also help you to recover the other files such as photos, videos, documents, memory card, USB drive, external hard drive or hard drive etc.

Features of iSkysoft Entourage Repair Software :-

  • It is safe, secure and read only scanning process.

  • It has flexible preview function.

  • 100% safely recover disappeared or lost data.

Pros & Cons Of iSkysoft Entourage Repair Software :-

Pros :-

  • It has straight forward design and interface.

  • Intuitive wizard like structure.

  • No technical skills are needed to use this software.

Cons :-

  • The software comes with a price tag.

  • Encrypted iTunes backup files are not supported.

User guide For iSkysoft Entourage Repair Software :-

  • Launch the software on the system and wizard mode will be displayed on your system screen. Click Next to continue.

  • After then you need to select the files types you need to recover it.

  • Please answer where you lost your files by selecting options.

  • Click start and the program will start detecting your lost data. Also you can enable deep scan to get better scanning result.

  • Once scanning process is finished, it show the lost content on your device. Just you need to do is to mark files that you need to recover and click the Recover button to save them on your system.

  • Finally, your files and data has been recovered.

Rank 3rd- Wondershare Entourage Repair Software For Mac :-

Wondershare is yet another excellent and powerful data recovery software that provides a tons of options in order to recover the files and what types to search for, so this software is the complete solution to recover and repair your corrupt or lost files.

Some Excellent Features Of Wondershare Entourage Repair Software :-

  • It is helpful to recover lost or deleted internet history files, photos, audio, music, emails from any storage device effectively, safely and completely.

  • It also supports data recovery for Mac trash, hard drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera and camcorders.

  • Also helpful to recover data for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption, virus attack, system crash and such other different situations.

Pros & Cons Of Wondershare Data Recovery Software :-

Pros :-

  • It has simple and intuitive interface that go through the data recovery process.

  • It save and resume the scan results of the recoverable files.

  • It pick individual files to recover.

Cons :-

  • The software comes along with a price tag.

User Guide For Wondershare Entourage Repair Software :-

  • While, other three recovery options will only be used in case, if lost data could not get traced using the first option.

  • After then you have to scan your device, by using the Scan option on interface. It is mainly done to determine the location of the trash box in your Mac device.

  • In third steps the user knows whether he/she can find the lost file in the list.

  • Finally select the location where you want to save your recovered files on your Mac OS.

  • Click Recover option. The lost files will automatically get retrieved in the folder.

Last Word For Above Said Software :-

After seeing the working of all the above stated software, we come to conclude that Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software is the best choice. As it excels in its features and repair process. The reasons for its excellence might be better in scanning results with details, preview in three pane structure, free option to select type of data to be recovered.

Better Use Of Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software To Recover Disappeared Mail Folders In Mac

Using Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair Software would be more easier in recovery of disappeared mail folders from mac. It also recovers your files, documents, images, music lost or deleted from any HFS, HFS+, FAT, ExFAT and NTFS file system based storage media.

Know How To Install Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery On Your Mac OS

Stellar Phoenix Entourage Recovery Installation Steps Are Given Below :-

  • This is just installer file and you must connect internet in your Apple.

  • Click on download link to download the file.

  • Download to the desktop and extract them.

  • Open the .dmg file to setup your Mac OS X.

  • Follow the instruction installation.

  • Lastly click on the finish button to complete the installation process.